Photo Europe Network (PHEN) is an initiative launched in May 2015 in Cluj-Napoca, Romania by the Photo Romania Festival (ROU) and Nordic Light Festival (NOR), when 20 photo organizers and other stakeholders met for the first time. The initial meeting was followed by additional gatherings in December 2015 and May 2016, while the total number of European festivals of photography involved in this process topped 25.

The Photo Europe Network (PHEN) aims to address primarily the following target groups: organizers of European festivals of photography – other European organisations related to photography – stakeholders of European festivals and other events of photography from the private and public sectors, either business- or non-business oriented.

 PHEN aims to produce the following added value for its target groups and partners: enhancing the exchange of information between promoters of European events of photography and stakeholders of these events – creating a joint resource and datacentre for these events spread all over Europe – contributing to the improvement of the quality and professional output of European festivals of photography and other events – improving the management and communication capabilities of its members – promoting the event industry of photography towards the public and stakeholders – contributing to real-time problem solving for photography event promoters and partners

PHEN aims to deliver value towards its target groups through the following main channels:

PHEN does not aim to work only on its own, it is considering a wide range of cooperation with key partners, such as: photo festival organisers (they are target groups, but vital partners also, having a dual role in the existence and development of PHEN), and also individuals and experts, photographers with active presence in the European photo industry.

PHEN identifies its role of generating added value for its target groups and stakeholders through the following activities: network level and thematic meetings, technical and professional advice, project management and connected grant management, secretariat work including exchange actions among members, network level PR and communication including the PHEN Platform, partnership projects aiming to enhance generating the envisioned added value.

PHEN is currently an informal cooperation platform open to any other interested party (photo festival) willing to be part of its future initiatives.