PHOTO EUROPE NETWORK for European Festivals of Photography


All European festivals of photography aim toward a specific target audience. Hence, any activity of a Network of such events has to serve this ultimate purpose. Connecting and enforcing a network of such events will result in reaching bigger audiences through Europe and the globe. While being a quantitative approach, it can be completed by a qualitative one through reaching out to these audiences also through making them aware about what the role of photography is and can be in society and how the industry can provide this value for it.

Attendance and audience development of European photo festivals.

The Network ensures an integration of PR and marketing efforts of its members and a general framework in reaching out towards audiences of all festivals in this cooperation framework. It also provides a complementary visual identity at network level but without weakening any member’s own brand.

Role of photography in society and its contribution to economic and social development

The Network acts as a catalyst in creating a platform for debate and interaction followed by concluding and promoting the role of photography, together with its members towards the audiences targeted in general but also specifically by one or a group of festivals.


1+1 equals more than 2 defines the main purpose of this priority. The Network’s role is primordial in the consolidation of the management and professional capacity of its members. As there is a diversity in the profile and the size of the events created by members, the Network also acts as a catalyst between festival organisers in exchanging good practices and providing learning experiences for each-other.

Professional expertise and management capacity

The Network acts as a liaison connecting organizers of European festivals of photography and individuals and bearers of professional know-how needed for the continuing improvement of these events. Transferring this know-how is made possible through meeting, training, and various tools for development.


The Network provides the necessary environment for forming thematic, geographic alliances and consortiums in order to achieve bigger proficiency in project planning and management and in joining forces in order to provide increased professional, financial capacity and outreach for common goals.

Data and research

The Network also provides the necessary context and environment for data gathering and sharing and background research activities, all vital for the analysis and decision-making processes regarding strategic goals and future activities.


Neither festival of photography act exclusively on its own, each event connecting a wide range of partner, promoters, stakeholders and professionals. One of the priorities of the Network is to channel the individual institutional cooperation capabilities and notoriety of each member into a joint force of representation towards stakeholders and decision makers.

Cooperation with stakeholders

The Network provides a more powerful force of representation and negotiation with for-profit and non-profit organisations, public or private aiming to cooperate with European festivals of Photography. The Network takes into account the interests of members but also acts on aligning these interest based on a cooperative approach (as opposing a competing one).

Industry representation at European and global level

The Network assumes a role of representation and promotion of all its members towards third parties, especially stakeholders of the photography industry and decision makers in areas of activity connected with photography (as there is almost no area with which photography cannot have any connection). This representation is based on a legitimacy provided by, but it does not overcome individual representation activities of its members.


Beyond the network of photo festival organisers, PHEN will also provide a broader context for the people involved in management teams, professionals involved in festivals, managers, curators, and experts, and of course for photographers themselves.

Community development

More than just a coalition of organisations, the Network develops a community which acts in line with its core values and objectives contributing to the consolidation of the role of photography in today’s and tomorrow’s societal challenges. The Network provides context and tools for this community development, while members become direct beneficiaries and partners of this community.


Mobility of individuals constitutes on the basic principles of the European construction and development. The network provides a potential for enabling mobility by generating thematic contexts for this activity and facilitating the interaction between festivals acting as sending and receiving entities.


The Network provides the general framework for cooperation and development, as a complementary background and basis for all the actions enabled in line with the priorities and key areas of intervention presented before.


The Network acts as an agent for aligning the vision of European photo festivals and the complementary community and promoting it as a joint call for action and measures.

Strategic development

The Network creates the environment for the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of actions and measures and their improvement and consolidation through a clear strategic approach, updated whenever necessary. As the Network is created from the ground, the development process is also paramount in reaching established goals.

Secretariat and official public relations

The Network provides a permanent Secretariat for the ongoing work in implementing actions and projects in line with the philosophy, priorities and key areas of intervention. The Secretariat is established in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, birthplace of the origins of the Network in 2015. The Network provides an official interface of its members at European and global level. This does not replace the own PR activity of its members, however it completes it with a European dimension. It also acts as a single entry point for contacts and cooperation with third parties.